Must Have Tools For The Aspiring Quilter

Quilting is an art that attracts many people. It is now an expression of one’s creativity and a piece of themselves. With the holiday season coming around many of them would want to put together a small tool box to do the quilting. Here are the essential items you need if you are planning to start your quilting expedition.

Sewing Machine Equipped With A Quilting Feet
While beginning, sewing people go for a basic foot sewing machine. If you are looking to do quilting, you need a free-motion foot that can help you into making designs into a quilt. Quarter-inch foot is very helpful for sewing perfect seams and walking-foot is important for straight-line quilting.

Rotary Cutter, Mat And Ruler
More than the fabric, scissors and a rotary cutter forms an important part of the quilting kit. You can also stock up on self-healing cutting mat for cutting the quilts.

Sewing machine needles that are given along with the machine will not stay for a long time. Probably you will be able to do one project without breaking the needle. You might have to change the needles before each project. Therefore, stocking up on the sewing machine needles will be a good option.

Cutting your fabric properly will be an important part of your quilting process. Therefore, buy a good pair of scissors.

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