Machine Quilting Made Easy With These Time-Saving Tips

Quills have now become a means to express your creativity and a little bit of yourself. It is now an art in fabric. Quilt-making has become a hobby for many men and women as well. Rather than using hand woven techniques, machine techniques have become more common. They help in saving time and also many more design options for people to use. Some people use modern patterns while some of them take inspiration from old patterns. Regardless of how you quilt, here are some important time saving tips for you.

If you are using machine quilting, keeping the machine clean and well-oiled is very important. Re-stitching can be difficult as there are many complications such as needle keeps skipping and the tension of the needle might not be sufficient.

Keeping a separate workspace is also vital. Keep your machine positioned in such a way that there are few steps in between the kitchen and the sewing machine.

While quilting, choose a neutral color thread that can blend with the fabric that is being used. If you are working on small units, use your fingers to press the quilting work rather using an ironing board.

Have fun quilting and save time!