The Indispensable Fundamentals Of Quilting


If you are a beginner, then here’s a quick compilation of tips to enable you to excel in quilting. These tips would also allow you to grab the best quilting projects. While some quilts are easier to assemble, many others offer a tough time. It is essential for you to get equipped on the fundamentals of quilting. For a beginner, it is ideal to opt for large quilt patterns. When larger pieces are used to assemble a quilt, things go together quickly. Larger pieces of quilts require fewer seams. It is easier as well as offers a precisely pieced block. It eliminates errors.

apenderAlways opt for quilt patterns that comprise of squares and rectangles. The rectangular and square pieces facilitate easy sewing and assembling. Begin with rectangles and squares and then move on to the world of triangles. Triangles avail stretchy and biased edges, so make sure if you have gathered enough skills to master the quilting of triangles. It is essential to practice the sewing of straight seams and lining to help you in the quilting process. Begin quilting with pre-cut and packaged fabrics. These pre-cut fabrics feature in a galore of measurements. It saves ample time as pre-cut fabrics are already cut and sewed.

As a novice, opt for quilt patterns that are labeled for beginners. It is essential to begin with simple quilting techniques. Opt for quilting classes to learn more about the basics. Create your own style statement using vivid colors and prints of your choice. Try canvas quilting as it uses solid fabrics. They line up your prints in a jiffy. Canvas quilting is quick to design. The basket weave pattern allows you to focus on different colors and improvisational piecing. Patchworks are another ideal choice for beginners. It makes the assembly easier. With these tips and versatile quilting patterns make sure to create an exciting hobby for yourself.

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Tips For Machine Quilting Project


If you are planning to quilt using a machine, you have to make sure that your machine is prepped for the job that you are going to do. The quilting format of each machine is different. It is important that you read through the instructions carefully before trying.

Prepare any quilt that is more than 36 inches x 36 inches by using the following technique. The first step is to lay the quilt on the floor and roll both the side towards the center of the sheet. Leave a 12-inch section of the quilt unrolled. Start your quilting in this unrolled portion of the quilt.

If you are using a machine, trying straight line quilting is the best choice. It produces great results and at the same time it is quicker too. Start by inserting an even-feed by pressing the foot of your machine. In case your machine does not have an even-feed foot, you can try sewing in the center. You can also check with the manual of your sewing machine to checmachinek if there is an even-feed attachment available for your machine.

There are many advantages to using even-feed as it makes the quilting process easier and pucker-free. The quilt layers are fed into the machine in an even manner and hence it becomes very easy to continue quilting.

Free-motion machine quilting can get a little difficult sometimes. It requires some amount of practice to get used to free-motion quilting. There are many books that talk about free-motion quilting alone. You could take help from those to understand how to master it. Once you learn it, you can experiment trying out fancy quilting patterns, many options to decorate which is very interesting.

Follow these tips and have fun enjoying your quilting experience by doing various patterns and designs.

Machine Quilting Made Easy With These Time-Saving Tips


Quills have now become a means to express your creativity and a little bit of yourself. It is now an art in fabric. Quilt-making has become a hobby for many men and women as well. Rather than using hand woven techniques, machine techniques have become more common. They help in saving time and also many more design options for people to use. Some people use modern patterns while some of them take inspiration from old patterns. Regardless of how machine-quiltingyou quilt, here are some important time saving tips for you.

If you are using machine quilting, keeping the machine clean and well-oiled is very important. Re-stitching can be difficult as there are many complications such as needle keeps skipping and the tension of the needle might not be sufficient.

Keeping a separate workspace is also vital. Keep your machine positioned in such a way that there are few steps in between the kitchen and the sewing machine.

While quilting, choose a neutral color thread that can blend with the fabric that is being used. If you are working on small units, use your fingers to press the quilting work rather using an ironing board.

Have fun quilting and save time!